Poet Tongue

October 31, 2018

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She threw herself away-and was reborn as a white wolf with a prophecy.

Seventeen-year-old Violet Ashton is labeled as a Goth girl and secretly desires to find her purpose in a metal band. She wants a real connection, but her boyfriend Jake would rather party and thinks love is a joke. Trying to navigate through her senior year of high school while dealing with emotional abuse and bullies finally wears Violet down, and she believes everyone would be better off if she were dead. Fleeing society’s brutal ways, she tries to kill herself by cutting her wrists.


Tohon, the gorgeous warrior son of a prominent Skin Walker chief, a race of beings that shapeshift into wolves, is expected to one day succeed his father and find the perfect mate to spend his life with. But Tohon breaks the ultimate Skin Walker rule: stay away from humans. When Tohon smells Violet’s blood and saves her from committing suicide, he accidently bites her, forever marking her as a wolf and awakening an ancient prophecy. Violet has the power to destroy the enemy hunting Tohon’s pack – but only if she is willing to risk her life.


Leading the greatest war in Skin Walker history is only part of the problem. Violet must also face long-buried issues of trust as her feelings for Tohon become something more than she ever expected.


Is Violet a raging animal, or a gentle spirit? And can she face down the greatest enemy she has ever known in order to have the things she wants the most? Filled with Native American mythology and dark fantasy elements, Poet Tongue is the first novel of the Skin Walker Series.

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Reviews and Praise

Poet Tongue

I love shifter stories, and once I cracked the cover on this one, I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read the next in the series!-Amazon reviewer