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My Fave Top Five Bad Boys

Sure, call it an excuse if you want, but bad boys are my favorite to write about! Some bring danger, others bring tatooes, while some have gorgeous eyes!

If you need inspiration for the perfect bad boy main character, I got you covered.

5) Elliot Alderson:

You know those psychos who are just so smart that it makes them amazingly gorgeous? Actor Rami Malek plays Elliot, an extraordinarily intelligent hacker who learns about the people who surround him by breaking into their social media pages and email accounts. He also has an alter ego, played by Christian Slater, who controls Elliot at his worst moments. Rami Malek plays Elliot on the TV show, Mr. Robot.

4) Celldweller:

With his amazing music, sick hair, and gorgeous smile, it's hard to ignore Celldweller's bad boy potential in a story. But he's not just a pretty face, guys. Check out his music. It's perfect to get you in the zone for writing. My favorite songs: Purified, Switchback, and Heart On.

3) Dean Winchester:

Monsters and demons don't stand a chance! Dean Winchester rides in a classic 1967 Chevy Impala with a loaded trunk of talismans, guns, knives, and ancient relics to stop the supernatural beings that plague the earth. But how can you resist a pie-eating, gun-wielding, leather-jacket wearing demon hunter? Under Dean's tough exterior, he's got a big heart, especially when it comes to protecting his family. Dean is played by Jensen Ackles on the TV show, Supernatural.

2) Castiel:

You cant talk about Supernatural and not bring up "the angel of the Lord." Most people think angels are cute little cherubs with harps and halos, but there not! Angels, at least on Supernatural, are complete bad asses with the power to smite someone with a touch. Castiel can be sweet and cute, but in truth, he's an armed warrior... in a trench coat :) Castiel is played by Misha Collins on Supernatural.

1) Daryl Dixon:

Rough, tough, and dirty, Daryl isn't afraid of anyone, even when he's threatened with his life. Daryl looks danger in the eye before pulling the trigger of his crossbow and killing his enemy. Added hot factors? A motorcycle, leather jacket, and red neck twang. Daryl is #1 because he's smart, adventurous, protective, dangerous, but also has a big heart; the perfect bad boy. Daryl Dixon is played by Norman Reedus on the TV show, The Walking Dead.

That's my bad boy list! Did I give you guys some good inspiration ;)?

Who would you add to this list? Comment below!

Kyla Stan

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