Summer 17 Mermaid

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A summer adventure filled with romance and a stranded merman. What could go wrong?


Best friends Meri and Ginger go on a final trip for the summer to beautiful Key West, Florida before they begin their first semesters of college. They’re excited for the Mermaid’s Grotto convention, an event where you get to wear neoprene tails and pretend to be the legendary creatures of fantasy.


But when a mysterious blond stranger shows up to crash the event, Meri knows that despite his gorgeous looks, something isn’t right. She discovers he’s a merman named Murchadh who’s desperately torn between living with his sister on land or returning to the sea.


To make matters more complicated, he’s fallen for Meri, and she’s starting to feel the same. Will Murchadh leave Meri broken-hearted for the summer or trade his fins for legs?

In this YA short story, fans of Aquamarine and The Little Mermaid will journey alongside Meri as she explores love and self-discovery.


Summer 17 Mermaid is a YA short story.

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