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Kyla Stan

Welcome Readers! 

My name is Kyla Stan, and I'm an author who focuses on YA literature!


My favorite genres to write and read about are dark fantasy, science fiction (dystopian? Yes, please!), thriller, and horror.

In my spare time, I love to read with my cat, play video games, paint, and watch baking competitions. I also love nature, wildlife photography, and long hikes on scenic trails in the fall and winter months.

Now available for pre-order on Amazon!



Forget about mermaid princesses and happy endings. These stories explore the allure and changing emotions of the ocean.


Travel to uncharted cities, meet feral mermaids, and discover undersea mysteries in this anthology of short stories and poems. Described by beta readers as “a love letter to the ocean,” Kyla Stan explores the turbulent relationship between humans and the ocean, representing varied emotions from grief to fear to seduction.


What happens when a simple Southern fisherman catches a vicious mermaid?

Can a young man dealing with grief allow the ocean to heal his wounds?

What inspired Jules Verne to write his deep-sea mysteries?

Can selkies ever fall in love with humans and shed their skin forever?


These are some of the questions readers will consider while exploring the darker depths of the ocean.


Stories and Poems Featured:

Tamed- featured in Elphame Realms E-Zine


Mermaid Hair


Charm of the Sea Folk


Family Cloak


Siren Song




Chlorine and Salt


Orca: A Tale of Freedom


A Day of Fishing- Winner of Unbound Story Ink’s Spring Into Adventure writing contest


Siren’s Rage


The Adventure of Pompelli


The Mermaid’s Dream


Tempest In The Storm

My Bookshelf

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