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Kyla Stan

Welcome Readers! 

My name is Kyla Stan, and I'm an author who focuses on YA literature!


My favorite genres to write and read about are dark fantasy, science fiction (dystopian? Yes, please!), thriller, and horror.

In my spare time, I love to read with my cat, play video games, paint, and watch baking competitions. I also love nature, wildlife photography, and long hikes on scenic trails in the fall and winter months.

Reviews and Praise

Poet Tongue

I love shifter stories, and once I cracked the cover on this one, I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read the next in the series!-Amazon reviewer


Pomela's Revenge

Book 2 of the Skin Walker series

They believed that evil was vanquished…until they unleashed the Death Goddess.




After the war with Manitou, Violet Poet-Tongue is now an honored member of the Skin Walker pack alongside Tohon, the warrior alpha who bit her. She is celebrated among her new people and claimed a hero, but Violet senses something dark within the wilderness, an unspeakable evil that grows stronger every day.


Then on a cold winter morning, Queen Kamaria of the Bastet Clan, Tohon’s mother, arrives with members of her pack, including a feisty daughter named Hila, and Tafari, a wise shaman. They seek shelter after facing the perils of their homeland. But Violet also learns the Bastets had a vision of Pomela, Goddess of Death, and she desires to kill all Animal Children using ancient earthen spirits called Primordials. To make matters even more complicated, Kamaria has secrets about her magick she won’t reveal, causing tension between Violet and the Bastets.


Violet and Tohon must face ancient monsters and magickal secrets, but can they stop Pomela while forming an alliance with the Bastet Clan? Filled with Native American mythology and dark fantasy elements, Pomela’s Revenge is the second novel of the Skin Walker Series.

My Bookshelf

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