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Ever since she was a child, Kyla Stan enjoyed creating fantasy stories. In fact, she has a notebook from when she was a child filled with stories that are being updated for a modern young adult audience. Kyla knew at a young age that being a writer was her dream, so she pursued it at the young age of sixteen.


Kyla hopes her writing will help other people with mental illness, such as anxiety and depression. Kyla also wants people to be aware of environmental issues, some of which are reflected in her dark mermaid novel titled Forbidden Tides and the first book of the Skin Walker Series, Poet Tongue. She has a degree in Communications, and a master’s in English and Creative Writing. Kyla is also an adjunct professor and teaches various levels of creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University.


Kyla loves animals, and lives with her cat Jasmine, a gluttonous goldfish named Chance, two frogs; Sirena and Little Frog, and a bearded dragon named Drogon. When she isn't writing, Kyla loves to watch baking competitions, play video games, and create various forms of artwork.

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