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Indie Author Resources

Writing and self publishing are not only difficult but confusing if you don't know where to turn! After a few years in this business, I've gathered some resources and tools that any indie author must have in their kit. Here you will find cover and promo tips, websites, and referrals from sources that I have used in the past. If I've used it, it has a description. Other sites have been recommended. I hope this page helps any troubled author!

Cover and Promotional Image Sources

Free Stock Images:

Use these for creating promos and trailers. Avoid using them for covers. It’s best to purchase your stock so you have the license and rights.


- Unsplash: A huge website full of creative commons images to use commercially.


- Pexels: Another great site with a smaller selection


- Pixabay: Similar to Pexels and has some pre-made graphic art

Stock Images Requiring Membership or Payment

-Dreamstime: beautiful high-quality stock and a huge variety!








-PeriodImages (for historical photos)






**A word of caution when using adobe stock. They don’t allow their stock to be used for romance novels and I’ve seen other issues as well.*


With stock images, it’s important to have a model release form, which allows the model in the picture to allow the user/consumer to use the photo for tasteful covers. Remember not to be offensive!!


**Thank you Kelley York for this great list of websites!**

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