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Where Do You Find Inspiration?

From a simple object to a moment of clarity, inspiration for stories and new books are everywhere. The first question I often get when people read my stories for the first time is, "How did you think of that?"

Today, I'm going to list some tips to help you get those good ol' creative juices flowing!

1) Get a Good Night's Sleep.

Not only is rest important for critical bodily functions (like thinking) but your mind can create some awesome dreams... and some scary ones too! When I'm not busy writing, taking photos, caring for my two kitties, caring for my three fish or seven frogs, doing homework and the list goes on, I make sure that I get a good solid ten hours. Yep, I need ten hours to function properly.

Some of my awesome dreams and worst nightmares have been incorporated into my work!

2) Channel Your Emotions.

Have you ever been so angry you could hit someone with a brick?

Or been so happy that you could poop rainbows?

Good! Use those emotions for writing. Although I write when I'm happy, some of my deepest, darkest, horror work came from bad experiences in my life. Did you know Poet Tongue was inspired by an actual high school break up that happened to me?

3) Visit Museums.

No, I'm not joking. Sometimes you just need some visual inspiration to spark your imagination. Recently, I visited the Whaling Museum on Long Island to gain historical insight about my home, but to also make sure my current story is historically accurate. I found a few museum pieces that inspired parts of my story so far.

Visit your local Natural History museum, old graveyards, and find those hidden gems that nobody takes notice of.

4) Need Help Building A Character's Appearance?

When I'm ready to write about a character in a story or book, I have a ton of Google images saved. Although I only use these pics for reference, they really help me since I'm a visual person. Also check out magazines (not with Vogue models, with regular people!) TV or get some inspiration from your favorite celebrities.

5) Lastly, Write About You.

Sometimes the best and most creative pieces come from your own experiences. You may have done or lived something others haven't. So if the other four tips aren't working, review your life, jot down anything interesting, and build off that.

I hope my inspiration tips help you come up with an amazing story!


Prompt Of The Day:

A stray black and white cat walks into your backyard. The cat walks up to you and says, "We need you, right now. Come with me." Where is this cat leading you? And how can you understand cat speak all of a sudden?

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