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A Sad Loss And Advice On Where and When To Write

Hi Everyone!

Before I start, I'm sorry I've been offline for a while. One of my dear kitties died and I needed some time to collect my thoughts.

Shadey was an old cat I found outside hungry and in bad shape. Although I only loved him for six months, it was the best feeling to see this little guy flourish. You will be missed. This is also a gentle reminder to adopt animals from shelters and don't shop through breeders. So many animals in shelters need homes too!!

Anyways, back to today's writing advice.

I've heard from so many people that writing everyday is a necessity. When a girl like me has to juggle family, pets, work, school, and a planning a move to another state writing everyday is sometimes impossible. I've tried squeezing in a few words for a short story on my lunch breaks or at the end of a long day, but my work is not as clean when I do this.

Today I'm going to list some great advice on when and where to write so you can create the best story, poem, novel or whatever you feel like!

1) Don't Write Before Going To Bed!

This is a reallllyy bad habit I used to get into. After stimulating my thoughts into overdrive, I couldn't fall asleep! If you really want to squeeze in writing, do it when you wake up. This will help stimulate your mind for the day.

2) Don't Write On Your Lunch Breaks!

If you're like me and have a very short lunch break, don't waste your time writing. Unless you have over an hour and are alone, you will most likely be distracted by co workers, interruptions or wont have enough time.

3) Write On Your Days Off.

I know, I know. Not everybody gets a day off. When you're not at work or don't have any errands to do, make this a time to write! Not only can you wake up refreshed and relaxed, but you have enough time to collect your thoughts and write them clearly.

Now on to where to write.

1) Choose A Quiet Spot Free Of Distractions.

This is why I said avoid the break room. You want somewhere free of people and distractions. Some great places I reccomend are:

-A nature preserve (different from a public park)

-Your own office

-Or a quiet and empty space at the library

2) Find A Place That Inspires You.

If you like to write about people, go to a big city like Manhattan. Or, if you're like me and love animals and quiet scenery, visit a pristine lake or a nice shady spot under a tree in a pretty preserve.

I hope these simple tips help you coordinate your writing time and the find the best spots for your creativity!


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