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Your Dream Cover Art: How To Make Your Book Come To Life

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't logged on in a while. Earning a Masters means you no longer have a life! :)

Today, I'm going to give you some tips on creating amazing cover art.

Wait, your saying. I can actually make my own cover?

Sure you can! All it takes is some faith, trust and pixie dust. Okay, I stole that from Peter Pan but you get the point.

Creating your own cover not only insures quality control, but you get to make something custom and unique.

Let's get to it.

Find a medium your comfortable with.

This can be drawing, sculpture, photography, painting, etc.

For my first book Poet Tongue, I painted the cover, then edited it in Photoshop to bring out the vibrancy.

Improve and Use Your Skills. The Key Is Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice your chosen medium. If you want to paint your cover, do several pieces and see which one you like best. Another great way to practice is to draw the characters from your book.

Or, use an idea board and pin different pictures and words together to create your main concept. This will help your idea to come together.

If you chose photography, experiment with different settings and filters. Watch youtube videos on Photoshop (I cannot tell you how helpful these are). Or, take pictures of objects that represent themes or places in your novel/short story.

See Your Piece Come To Life!

After you've practiced and you feel ready, upload painting/ photo into Photoshop. I can't tell you how useful this program is. Although it might seem intense or confusing at first, tutorials can help (trust me, I was a mess when I didn't use them). Experimentation is the key to success.

If you really, really, REALLY don't want to use any of these mediums, I suggest that you make sure you are fully engaged in the process. After all, people still judge a book by its cover!


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