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Almost There! Pushing to finish Forbidden Tides

Hi Guys!

I'm very excited to announce that I am almost done with revisions to my latest book, Forbidden Tides. In the meantime, I'd like to list some of my absolute favorite mermaid books. The mergirls in these books, are fierce, defiant, and beautiful!

5) Fins Series by Tera Lynn Childs

Breath-taking imagery and strong mermaid details make these series come to life. Lily, the main mer-character in this series, stuggles to keep her human and mer life afloat. Did I mention there was a cute bad-boy-next-door involved? Lily has her webbed hands full!

4) Seven Tears Into The Sea by Terri Farley

Okay, this book is technically about a selkie, but think of these creatures as a distant seal-cousin to the mermaid. In this raw but beautiful YA book, Gwen meets Jesse, a selkie king who rescued her as a child. Now that Gwen is falling in love with Jesse, she learns a tragic truth that may separate them for good.

Seriously... I've read this three times and cried each time! So good!

3) Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli

Taking place in ancient Greece, a young mermaid named Sirena wishes to fall in love with a human man without the need to sing. This coming-of-age tale reminds me of a Greek version of The Little Mermaid. BTW...I've also read this three times :)

2) Emily Windsnap Series by Liz Kessler

Take a magical journey with a young Emily Windsnap as she learns about her mermaid heritage. Along the series, Emily meets more merpeople, but also encounters monsters, like the awakened Kraken! full of whimsical plot details, beautiful ink drawings, and mermaid magic, this is one of the best mermaid series out there.

1) Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman

This is one of the first mermaid books that made a huge impact on me as a writer. This easily-overlooked mermaid book is simple, but mixes fantasy with realism. While the movie version of this book was still good, Aquamarine is really a cranky and spoiled princess! Claire and Hailey have one more summer together before Hailey moves away. What better way to spend their last memories together than helping a mermaid trapped in a pool?

This book will always be on my bookshelf.

What's your favorite mermaid book? Do you like sirens, selkies, or mermaids? Post below!


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