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Halloween, Samhain, and Dia de los Muertos: What does it all mean?

Happy Dia de los Muertos everyone. While this is a traditional Mexican holiday, there are ways to celebrate in your own special way. For example, visit an older graveyard and clean off any tombstones that need tending to. Brandon and I did this at Ye Antientist burial ground in Connecticut.

You can also visit your loved ones and show them you are still keeping their memory in your heart.

Please remember: while these days are a celebration of food, music, and fun, there are loved ones who need to be remembered out there. You may also see Pagans and Wiccans wearing ceremonial garb. Please give them space to celebrate their own religious traditions.

At this time of year, you may notice the earth is beginning to prepare for the long slumber that is winter. During this transition, reflect on the accomplishments you achieve. In an age long ago, summer was a time for hard work and planting seeds to create a bountiful harvest. Now is your time to harvest your benefits, and enjoy the rest of the year as winter approaches.

This is Pagan spirituality.

Blessed be,


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