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"Nightshade: Poems of heartbreak, love, and lust" is now available!

Hello everyone!

My book of poems is now available for purchase:

Teenage werewolves, dreamy lovers, and monsters haunt this morbid collection of poems inspired by real-life events. Stan uses creatures of the night and dark imagery to explore the dimensions of heartbreak and the forbidden subconscious, then brings the reader into the lighter side of life with love, nature, and witty story poems. As a bonus, Stan also included poems inspired by her first young adult novel, Poet Tongue, a werewolf romance with horror elements. So flip through the pages, cuddle with a black cat, and don’t forget to put a cauldron on the stove. For the best magick, add a sprinkle of Nightshade. Poetry sections include topics on: 1) Heartbreak 2) Love 3) The Mind 4) Nature 5) Story Poems 6) Poems Inspired by Poet Tongue, Stan's first young adult werewolf novel

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