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Poet Tongue Playlist: Songs For Every Chapter

Every writer needs a playlist when writing their novels or short stories. It helps to discuss intense/emotional scenes, get into our zone, and organize the tone per chapter. While I have over 50 songs in my playlist, here are some songs to listen to that describe each chapter in Poet Tongue. This list features popular artists such as Avril Lavigne, Three Days Grace, and System of a Down, but also some of my favorite Native American musicians, such as Robbie Robertson and Indian Calling. Are any of your favorite artists featured? If you are familiar with the novel, which songs should I consider adding?

Chapter 1:

-Robert Mirabal: Running

Chapter 2:

-Avril Lavigne: Rock N Roll

- Avril Lavigne: Give You What You Like

- I Hate Everything About You: Three Days Grace

Chapter 3:

-Time of Dying: Three Days Grace

Chapter 4:

-Savages: Theory of a Deadman: Alice Cooper

-Fuck The System: System of a Down

Chapter 5:

-Life’s A Short Breath: Indian Calling

-Worlds Collide: Apocalyptica

Chapter 6:

-Coyote Dance: Robbie Robertson

-Red Indians Right To Live :Oliver Shanti and Friends

Chapter 7:

-Running(reprise): Robert Mirabal

-Skinwalker: Robbie Robertson

Chapter 8:

-Wild Spirit: Indian Calling

-Tough Guy: Celldweller

Chapter 9:

-The Sentinel: Celldweller

-Shadows: Lindsey Stirling

Chapter 10:

-Everywhere: Michelle Branch

Chapter 11:

-Morning on the Mesa: Ah Nee Mah/ Diane Arkenstone

-The End of Prom Night: Snow White’s Poison Bite

Chapter 12:

-Animal I Have Become: Three Days Grace

-Feel It Still: Portugal. The Man

Chapter 13:

-I’m Not Jesus: Apocalyptica/Corey Taylor

-Bad Girlfriend: Theory of a Deadman

Chapter 14:

-The White Wolf: Ah Ne Mah/ Diane Arkenstone

Chapter 15:

-Oh, That Smile: Northern Cree

Chapter 16

-Ghost Dance: Robbie Robertson

-Takedown: Blue Stahli

Chapter 17:

-Women’s Brush Dance: Indian Calling

Chapter 18:

-Indians: Indian Calling

Chapter 19:

-Until I Met You: Smalltown Poets

-Pocahontas and Captain Smith: Indian Calling

-Let Me Love You: Smalltown Poets

Chapter 20:

-Middle of a First Love: Smalltown Poets

Chapter 21:

-Ghost In The Wind: Birdy

Chapter 22:

-Attack: Thirty Seconds to Mars

-Yeha Noha-Wishes of Happiness: Indian Calling

Chapter 23:

-Indian War Dance: Indian Calling

-You Get Me: Michelle Branch

Chapter 24:

-Solringen: Wadruna

-Helvegen: Wadruna

Chapter 25:

-Urur: Wadruna

Chapter 26:

-Bjarkan: Wadruna


-Fehu: Wadruna

Artists featured:

  1. Robert Mirabal

  2. Avril Lavigne

  3. Three Days Grace

  4. Theory of a Deadman

  5. System of a Down

  6. Indian Calling

  7. Apocalyptica

  8. Robbie Robertson

  9. Oliver Shanti and Friends

  10. Celldweller

  11. Lindsey Stirling

  12. Michelle Branch

  13. Ah Nee Mah

  14. Diane Arkenstone

  15. Snow White’s Poison Bite

  16. Portugal. The Man

  17. Corey Taylor

  18. Northern Cree

  19. Blue Stahli

  20. Smalltown Poets

  21. Birdy

  22. Thirty Seconds To Mars

  23. Wadruna

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