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New Updates + Project Teasers

Hey Readers! I hope you are all doing well in these troubling times. I'm taking the time spent indoors to continue writing. Last year, I didn't post any updates after "Summer 17 Mermaid" was released for varying reasons, most of them private and painful to talk about. However, this year, I have many writing goals that I wanted to share with you along with some announcements: -Some of you may remember that I wrote a manuscript last year titled Zyovir. This is currently being queried out to literary agents, and I hope to see this on bookshelves within a year. - 2 short story collections are complete, one on ocean-themed fiction and another on femme fatale. These are still being developed. -Lastly, I'm exited to announce that I'm working on Poet Tongue 2! (title still in progress) This novel will be even darker and more intense than the first. Since it's still a WOP, I don't have a release date yet! Thanks for reading! Hope to share some amazing work with you this year! -Kyla Stan

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