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Cover Reveal Day!


So excited to share my newest work with you! Pre-order: October 2/ Official Release: Oct 16


A dark seductress beckons you down an alleyway, a feral smile gracing her red lips. Do you accept her invitation, and will you make it out alive?

In this newest collection by Kyla Stan, each story explores the concept of femme fatale through a variety of fanged and furious creatures. From ancient witches to vengeful ghosts, each woman in the story uses her beauty and seductive powers to lure her target into their clutches.

A woman moves into a Victorian house in Connecticut only to find the ancient resident left a secret behind.

In Widow's Walk, readers learn about the possible origin to this grim balcony.

And in Stan's most popular story, a young Victorian woman seeking freedom from her husband buys a deadly potion from a witch, only to suffer the same fate.

But are these women killing just for fun or are they exacting their revenge on men who wronged them?

Stories Featured:

The Apothecary Shoppe- featured in Elphame Realms E-zine

Lady of the Lake- Winner of the Unbound Story Ink Urban Legend Contest


The Drowned House- featured in The Dark Sire issue 10

Obsession Insanity Disorder

Snow Demon

Tiamat’s Curse

The Fae In Moonlight Forest

Seducing Revenge

Widow’s Walk


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